Finding, Joining and Negotiating Professional Conversations

Teachers are inundated with blogging and educational platforms and might find it daunting to negotiate a space for integrating technology into their practice. In fact, I oftentimes feel that we are at a saturation point.

This is the time of year when teachers reflect on their practice and think back to what worked well in their classrooms and what they would like to implement in the upcoming school year. We are entering an exciting time in which 1:1 initiatives are equipping teachers with iPads and laptops for use in their classrooms. I, along with a fellow English teacher at my school, have been awarded a grant for ten iPads in our classrooms. We can pool the iPads and enable the other to have twenty iPads on a given. Day.

In addition to the iPads I also have a Promethean Board. I can utilize it in conjunction with my school computer running Windows XP and an outmoded version of Internet Explorer ( in order for the district to maintain existing firewalls) or I can interface the iPad directly to the Promethean Board.

My colleague and I who received the grant together have been trying to figure out what is the best way to get the iPads and Promethean Board to play nice. We have been hoping for a sandbox platform that essentially turns the iPads into slates that enables everyone paired to an iPad the ability to manipulate content in real time. As an English teacher, I am most concerned with the functionality of centering instruction around a working text, whether it be a reading passage or manipulating a document.

I will be spending time in the upcoming days researching possible ways to do this. Please, feel free to respond if you have any ideas or suggestions!



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