Playing and Making

Scratch is a simple programming language can make programs via code.

Minecraft is huge! Students create anything. There are thousands of videos about minecraft.

So we are thinking about making a bunch of things.

Why is this time valuable for teachers? What are we creating? Do students need the same time?
Then I started thinking about the flipped classroom. Such a buzz word!

There are apps for that. Two I have are ShowMe and Educreations. Which one?
–ShowMe clearly has the better app name much more memorable.
–Educreations is a more polished platform but the name is the antithesis of catchy.

Is there anyone out there creating and curating a compilation of teacher-generated, need-based lessons for the flipped model? I challenge myself to make three this summer. I will post when I have some. Please reply if you are thinking about doing the same or have any requests.

So teachers are beginning to screencast on their own to flip content but what about students jig sawing concepts? The risk is that they might misinform but if the teacher previews the content first it can catch that. Also, it’s not flipping if they are making it in class but who cares?



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