Teacher Research Day 1 Reflection


Today we acclimated to the Summer Institute and began finding our ways into research. There are many avenues of digital literates to negotiate. I am interested in seeing what people will pursue this week and what I will learn from my colleagues at the close of this week.

We are at the cusp of negotiating the next wave of literacies. Students are reading and writing more than ever. But–but–they are not reading and writing in the ways we want them to! They are crating tweets for an ever increasing audience. What I, as an adult who wants to envision Twitter as something else, do not like about teen tweeting is they are placating audiences with the most egregious and obscene possible tweets all in a blind fetish to fortify their follower list. It is mass text messaging. It is flash mobbing with words.

This is just the next iteration of generational cultural warfare. It is not intentional. If anything (and I have to keep reminding myself of this) their parents’ and grandparents’ generations are the aggressors.


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