IB Diploma Programme Language A: Literature Part 4 reflection

Reflecting on my past year of teaching IB Diploma Programme:

Part Four: Options (Film and Lit) (Spring)

–Heart of Darkness with Apocalypse Now
–Hamlet with Branagh’s film adaptation
–In Cold Blood with director Richard Holbrook’s 1967 film

Logistics may apply: the way we implement IOPs and other IB testing testing necessitates that we conduct the IOPs in a late February early March time window. This semester felt disjointed. Also, students who picked In Cold Blood felt handicapped–that they had not studied the text as of yet. There was no flow. We are studying these three works without a specific cohesiveness.

This should be the most intriguing and provocative part of the course,so I propose Vampires and Zombies in Literature.

–Pride and Prejudice and Zombies
–TBA (need a vampire lit selection)

In terms of the IOP, not only can they draw on specific topics within the texts, they will also be able to pull from other lit, film, television, pop culture, video games, etc.

For instance, a student might construct an IOP exploring commercial representations of Frankenstein’s wretch (monster) and critique the social constructs in terms of audience and message.

I think organizing the options course


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