Diigo versus Evernote


It is time to make a decision. Diigo or Evernote?

The amount of social media tools for content creation and curation is astounding. Like many others, I find myself hopping from one tool to the next. As I read compelling articles and blogs I want a way to bookmark in the cloud my voracious consumption of information, which leads me to this choice: Diigo or Evernote?

First, Diigo: I learned about Diigo and its interesting features from @steve8071,  an English teacher at the local NWP site. He recommends using Diigo to conduct group research and incorporates Diigo as an integral feature in his research writing unit with middle school students. What I like about Diigo is the ability to tag with ease, highlight, add sticky notes, and socially share bookmarks and annotations with groups.

I had been using Evernote–still do; haven’t given it up entirely. It feels more like a notebook to me, which might be the result of savvy marketing and packaging. It too, has most of the features of Diigo, but in my use feels more like a separate add-on to web browsing. I cannot count Evernote out; they make a push to blend Evernote into the schools, especially via mobile devices and tablets. I also have read that teachers are planning on using Evernote as a platform for digital portfolios. As a teacher of writing, I value the portfolio as a holistic form of assessment, providing multiple examples of how the student writer tackles composition.

I am reflecting on what I am “clipping” and “bookmarking” and notice that I lean to Diigo for education-related content (my personal PD) and Evernote as a digital notebook of all things interesting to me online.  I notice overlaps, but moving forward, this is how I will negotiate my curation.

I think there is space for both to coexist, although I find myself reaching a point of over-saturation. This, in turn, could be wielded to my advantage in the classroom. Students could investigate the advantages and disadvantages of both platforms and extend the search to the several competing platforms, and present their case arguing which is the most comprehensive and intuitive choice.


  1. To me Diigo seems (and I say seems because I’ve only watched the intro video and just signed up!) like it’s Evernote but more intuitive, more equipped, and more user friendly for web browsing and saving all those important tidbits of information that can be found on the web. It’s all in one browser or toolbar whereas Evernote has the app trunk and everything can be accessed/uploaded separately. I haven’t used much stuff from the app trunk because it’s pretty rare that I need to use one of the specialized apps. They might come in handy one day? What kind of apps from the trunk do you find useful?

  2. Just discovered Diigo (hadn’t heard of it before) and I ‘m gonna give it a try.

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