Part One Interactive Oral Topics

The Interactive Oral is designed to afford students the chance to lead discussions, with each student assigned one topic in Part One: Literature in Translation.  Research and prepare a discussion related to your topic.  You may research your topic on the internet, derive information from documents in the text, and potentially your own textual observations.  The research supports a student-centered and organic conversation centered on the Interactive Oral topics.

A Doll’s House Topics

  1. Norwegian socio-economic class structure in 1879
  2. The traditional role of women
  3. The traditional role of men
  4. Women’s suffrage and feminism
  5. The original stage production
  6. Henrik Ibsen’s bio
  7. Notable stage interpretations of A Doll’s House
  8. Realism movement in literature

Wislawa Szymborska

  1. Wislawa Szymborska’s bio
  2. Communist Poland
  3. Post-Structuralism
  4. Publication of “No End of Fun.”
  5. range of subjects
  6. How Biographical/Historical/Cultural and Noble Prize Speech informs Wislawa’s Poetry
  7. Speaker/POV and how it informs Wislawa’s Poetry (Sept.21)
  8. Religious Allusion in Wislawa’s Poetry (Sept.29)
  9. Role of Nature in Wislawa’s Poetry (Sept.27)

Chronicle of a Death Foretold

  1. Garcia Marquez’s bio
  2. Magic Realism
  3. Faulkner’s influence
  4. Colombia and the Banana Republic
  5. Post-Colonialism
  6. Role of Men and machismo
  7. Role of Women and purity
  8. Importance of the setting
  9. Structure of time in the novella
  10. The role of Violence
  11. The role of Religion



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