Great post about #flippedclass and great use of photos!

A Fine Balance

Simple. Send students home to watch videos (Videos don’t even have to be yours! Just find some random You Tube video!) Better yet, assign these videos for HOMEWORK, as in they MUST be done for next day. Then when students come back to class have them fill out gobs of WORKSHEETS.

Done. Easy peasy lemon squeezy. You have yourself a full-fledged flip class.


This is not the flip class I know, see, hear, or read about.

This is a reductive picture that some critics are painting. These critics seem hell-bent on reducing flip class to “It’s ALL about homework and therefore is WRONG. It’s all about random video, so it is WRONG. It is all about WORKSHEETS so that makes it wrong.

Sorry fellows but I am not, nor is my practice a cheap balsamic vinegar that reduction will improve and thicken.

My practice is full-bodied…

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