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Improvising A Doll’s House

In the spaces of side conversations that occur at Teacher Research, ideas germinate. Ellen, a teacher at a prestigious private school in the region who also teaches International Baccalaureate (IB) shared with me a way she uses improv when teaching the classic play “A Doll’s House.” To anticipate the reaction of the protagonist’s reaction to […]

On Gee and Grammar

James Paul Gee is an important theorist in linguistics, discourse analysis, and the emerging field of study connecting video games to learning. We read an excerpt Of Gee (as he is referred to in academic circles) on grammar and dialects of the English language. In the excerpt, Gee writes of the origins of “Standard English,” […]

Writing into Day 4

We watched a kinetic text video of the Taylor Mali slam/performance poem “Totally, like whatever, you know?” It speaks to the cognitive vacuity of this generation in a comedic, farcical tone. I don’t like it. As an educator, I believe we must foster inquiry and excitement about learning. Also, we need to recognize that students […]

How has Google changed your reading?

The irony in Google’s effort to bring greater efficiency to reading is that it undermines the very different kind of efficiency that the technology of the book brought to reading—and to our minds in the first place. By freeing us from the struggle of decoding text, the form that writing came to take on a […]

IB Diploma Programme Language A: Literature Part 4 reflection

Reflecting on my past year of teaching IB Diploma Programme: Part Four: Options (Film and Lit) (Spring) –Heart of Darkness with Apocalypse Now –Hamlet with Branagh’s film adaptation –In Cold Blood with director Richard Holbrook’s 1967 film Logistics may apply: the way we implement IOPs and other IB testing testing necessitates that we conduct the […]

IB Diploma Programme Language A: Literature Part 1 Reflection

If you are not familiar with IB here is an overview. In the eleventh grade at my school, we teach parts 1 and 4 of the HL course. Last year was my first year teaching DP and it was the first year for all Language A teachers teaching the new course Language A: Literature. I […]

Teacher Research Day 1 Reflection

Today we acclimated to the Summer Institute and began finding our ways into research. There are many avenues of digital literates to negotiate. I am interested in seeing what people will pursue this week and what I will learn from my colleagues at the close of this week. We are at the cusp of negotiating […]