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Twelve Years of First Day Butterflies

Remember Harry Wong? He is mister Miyagi of classroom management in a tailored suit, banishing students to the hallway chasm if they cannot enter his domain with dignity. I do not doubt there is wisdom contained in the renown “The First Days of School.” But he gave me a case of the yearly butterflies. Wong […]

5 Questions About Vocabulary Instruction

I’ve deliberated much about how to approach vocabulary instruction this year with the IB juniors. Reflecting on the past few years, I have had an inconsistent yearlong approach to vocabulary, wavering between how many words to cover and how facilitate word mastery.  I wonder how assessment factors in: are students actually deeply learning the words […]

Chronicle of a Death Foretold Unit

I thought about beginning the IB Language A (eleventh grade IB English) course with Chronicle of a Death Foretold by Gabriel Garcia Marquez. In light of recent readings. In a deliberately ambiguous disclosure, I have read theories and methodologies postulated by Nationally Board Certified Teachers (NBCTs) who contend it is more important to teach thinking […]

Where Sharing Exists, Innovation Flourishes

Where Sharing Exists, Innovation Flourishes.

S’More Options for Content Creation

I happened across from a retweet. It’s like Glogster (I think) although I have never used the former. The attractive graphics, along with the clever moniker enticed me. My first reaction was to reinvent the syllabus, an otherwise drab document. Why not make it eye-catching? I form a punchy paper that gets to the […]

The Place for Free Writing

A teacher posted on the Natonal Writing Project (NWP) blog the following post: Peter Elbow states in “Writing Without Teachers”, that in order to get our students to be better writers, we need to allow them to freewrite. Freewriting allows learners to flow in an unedited, silence, and not judged environment. In the ninth grade, […]

Digging the Past

Thinking about blogging and what to blog… I am a rising twelfth year teacher. I have accrued several notebooks of ideas, reflections, etc. of teaching, lessons, ideas, and logistics. As I think about what I can offer other educators, first, I want to dig into my own genealogy of my identity as a teacher. I […]