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Diigo versus Evernote

  OR… It is time to make a decision. Diigo or Evernote? The amount of social media tools for content creation and curation is astounding. Like many others, I find myself hopping from one tool to the next. As I read compelling articles and blogs I want a way to bookmark in the cloud my […]

S’More Options for Content Creation

I happened across from a retweet. It’s like Glogster (I think) although I have never used the former. The attractive graphics, along with the clever moniker enticed me. My first reaction was to reinvent the syllabus, an otherwise drab document. Why not make it eye-catching? I form a punchy paper that gets to the […]

The Place for Free Writing

A teacher posted on the Natonal Writing Project (NWP) blog the following post: Peter Elbow states in “Writing Without Teachers”, that in order to get our students to be better writers, we need to allow them to freewrite. Freewriting allows learners to flow in an unedited, silence, and not judged environment. In the ninth grade, […]

The Flipped Classroom

I am on the mailing list “Teacher Vodcasting” and received the conference schedule for ISTE 2012 in San Diego this week, which got me thinking about the Flipped Classroom. That and the fact I will have eleven iPads in my room. Summer should be mental time off for teaching–but creative time to cultivate intellectual interests. […]

Writing into Day 4

We watched a kinetic text video of the Taylor Mali slam/performance poem “Totally, like whatever, you know?” It speaks to the cognitive vacuity of this generation in a comedic, farcical tone. I don’t like it. As an educator, I believe we must foster inquiry and excitement about learning. Also, we need to recognize that students […]

How has Google changed your reading?

The irony in Google’s effort to bring greater efficiency to reading is that it undermines the very different kind of efficiency that the technology of the book brought to reading—and to our minds in the first place. By freeing us from the struggle of decoding text, the form that writing came to take on a […]