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Diigo versus Evernote

  OR… It is time to make a decision. Diigo or Evernote? The amount of social media tools for content creation and curation is astounding. Like many others, I find myself hopping from one tool to the next. As I read compelling articles and blogs I want a way to bookmark in the cloud my […]

S’More Options for Content Creation

I happened across from a retweet. It’s like Glogster (I think) although I have never used the former. The attractive graphics, along with the clever moniker enticed me. My first reaction was to reinvent the syllabus, an otherwise drab document. Why not make it eye-catching? I form a punchy paper that gets to the […]

On Gee and Grammar

James Paul Gee is an important theorist in linguistics, discourse analysis, and the emerging field of study connecting video games to learning. We read an excerpt Of Gee (as he is referred to in academic circles) on grammar and dialects of the English language. In the excerpt, Gee writes of the origins of “Standard English,” […]