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Digging the Past

Thinking about blogging and what to blog… I am a rising twelfth year teacher. I have accrued several notebooks of ideas, reflections, etc. of teaching, lessons, ideas, and logistics. As I think about what I can offer other educators, first, I want to dig into my own genealogy of my identity as a teacher. I […]

The Flipped Classroom

I am on the mailing list “Teacher Vodcasting” and received the conference schedule for ISTE 2012 in San Diego this week, which got me thinking about the Flipped Classroom. That and the fact I will have eleven iPads in my room. Summer should be mental time off for teaching–but creative time to cultivate intellectual interests. […]

On Gee and Grammar

James Paul Gee is an important theorist in linguistics, discourse analysis, and the emerging field of study connecting video games to learning. We read an excerpt Of Gee (as he is referred to in academic circles) on grammar and dialects of the English language. In the excerpt, Gee writes of the origins of “Standard English,” […]

Writing into Day 4

We watched a kinetic text video of the Taylor Mali slam/performance poem “Totally, like whatever, you know?” It speaks to the cognitive vacuity of this generation in a comedic, farcical tone. I don’t like it. As an educator, I believe we must foster inquiry and excitement about learning. Also, we need to recognize that students […]

IB Diploma Programme Language A: Literature Part 1 Reflection

If you are not familiar with IB here is an overview. In the eleventh grade at my school, we teach parts 1 and 4 of the HL course. Last year was my first year teaching DP and it was the first year for all Language A teachers teaching the new course Language A: Literature. I […]